Where you might find us pre- or post-shift.

Hops Petunia
{A tiny charmer of a shop. Flowers, gifts}

Clove & Creek
{Coffee. Plus beautiful gifts and sometimes Jasper}

Kingston Wine Co.
{Our wine shop kindred spirit. Plus, Michael}

Outdated Café 
{Our weekday cure: Egg on sourdough, avocado, sriracha}

Stockade Tavern
{Weekend pretzels, perfect cocktails}

Joe Beez
{Jerry Garcia, SOS. Extra mushrooms}

{Listen, dance, drink}

The Anchor
{Burgers, BYO dog, secret garden}

Village Coffee & Goods
{Sunny eggs, sunny people, sunny space}

Antiques on the Hill / The Skillypot
{Always a treasure to be found}

Lovefield Vintage
{Impeccably curated vintage clothing}

{1990’s Western MA nostalgia of a bar + skinny burgers}

Milne Antiques
{Fanciest antique shop}

Kingston Farmer's Market
{Saturdays in Uptown Kingston}


Just a bit out of town, but worth it.

{Put yourself in Sarah and Nick's hands
and you will not go wrong}

Tivoli General
{Fresh bialys (buy two and pretend you didn't eat one on the drive home) and provisions}

Alder & Co.
{Socks, aprons, rugs, Astier de Villatte. Everything you want before you know you want it.}

Superior Merchandise
{Coffee, beer, enamel pins, pink toothbrushes}

{Stuffed bread, Italian subs}

Brushland Eating House
{Blindly accept whatever Chef Sohail is serving}

Spruceton Inn
{Tiniest bar, most charming innkeeper; Heaven}

Audrey's Farmhouse
{Sweetest owners, gorgeous rooms, 5 dog-friendly acres}

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