Sunday, December 3

12-7pm, by reservation

33 Broadway
Kingston, NY 12401


On Sunday December 3rd, artist, Emily Isabella will be taking up residency at Brunette, sipping wine and painting objects - your objects, if you are lucky enough to grab a ticket.

Bring your object to Brunette and Emily will paint it for you. This item can be treasured, common, odd (let's hope!), broken, frivolous. It can be too large or too fragile to bring to Brunette. It can even be lost at sea - no matter, Emily can paint from a photo or your phone.

What it can’t be is the cat from your corner bodega, your cute Grandma, the white horse on Spruceton Road, or even you. We love all of these things, but Emily will only be painting objects. So it's one inanimate object, per person, per painting. 

One last thing: You must be present for your painting, which you will thank us for, because getting to sit with Emily while she paints your object is as much a treat as the painting itself.

100% of the proceeds will be donated to Art Start, an organization that provides creative arts workshops for at-risk youth in NYC. You can read more about this 25-year old non-profit here.

Sorry, this event is SOLD OUT.